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Cloned Cards

With your help we checked many cloned cards sellers. There are scam and there are legit. We have 2 lists: scam one and legit one.


Paypal Accounts

We found out that Paypal transfers, as well as WU and MoneyGram are scam. But we found legit paypal accounts sellers.


Gift Cards

What about gift cards sellers? We have checked many of them too. And now we have both lists: scam and legit.



There are legit marketplaces where you can find many items from different categories, inner security systems and reviews of real buyers.


Fixed Matches

We believe fixed matches is the best way to earn money not involving yourself into criminal. But not all fixed matches sellers are legit.



Some people lounder their money, selling expensive original gadgets. Some people just try to scam other people. Check our lists.


Counterfeit Money

Everybody knows that counterfeits are not a myth. We checked many counterfeits sellers and create scam and legit lists of them.


Hacking Services

Hackers are very demanded nowadays. That's why there are so many scammers who "provide" hacking service. Check our lists of hackers.


Fake passports/ID's

If you need a fake ID, you will surely try to buy one in a deep web. Check our scam list and buy legit list of fake ID sellers.


Escrow Services

Unfortunately, all of deep web escrow services are scam. We have a list of legit clearnet escrow services.

Confirmed scam categories

Bitcoin multipliers

No reason to sell Bitcoin for Bitcoin

No excuses for those who do it

Prepaid cards

No reason to sell money for money

NB there are legit sellers of cloned cards

WU and MoneyGram transfers

No reason to sell real money for real money

NB there are legit paypal accounts sellers

Categories we will never check


Narcotics are pure evil

Also it is too dangerous to check


People use weapon to kill other people

It is to dangerous to check, too

Adult categories

All kids should be protected

Checking this category would be disgusting

Frequently Asked Questions

In general we check the sellers with a test purchases. We add the seller to the legit list if we get the stuff. Also we accept customers feedbacks with strong proofs (for scam cases only).

That is because one seller could provide different services, for instance cards, gift cards, paypal. In that case we add the seller in different categories.

Confirmed scam categories where ALL sellers are scammers. Sad but true, there are a few CATEGORIES which are totally scam. There are NO legit sellers at all. Here is the list: Bitcoin multipliers, Prepaid Cards, Pre-shredded money, Western Union transfers, MoneyGram transfers are SCAM! Note that prepaid cards and cloned cards are not the same. There are. Cloned cards exist.

We did our best to make you sure about our service. Here are soe picks:

  • Check the unmoderated comments. People could add anything they want there.
  • Check our score on Onion Scanner.
  • Try to find some negative reviews in a deep web. We bet you won't find any.

Just choose the categories you want to buy and buy it via bitcoin payment gate or contact us at to buy via another crypto.

We haven't received any refund requests yet, but if you face any troubles with sellers we provided, then just contact us and we will refund your loss.

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