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Want to buy iPhone for Bitcoins without getting scammed? On the darknet there are hundreds sites where you can buy one, but just a few will work... If you are willing to buy a properly working super-hot-looking Apple, Samsung or any other device and want to know which sites are scams and which can be trusted, just follow these steps.

We found: 2 legit links of Electronics sellers

We accept ALL crypto (Bitcoin, USDT, Monero and all others). To buy the list, please type your email address and click "Pay with Bitcoin" button. Once you've paid, you have nothing to do more. The list will be sent to you after 1 bitcoin confirmation automatically.

If you have any questions about this product or you want to pay via another crypto, then contact us on help@choosebetter.net

Confirmed SCAM list of Electronics sellers:

  • 2a2a2abbjsjcjwfuozip6idfxsxyowoi3ajqyehqzfqyxezhacur7oyd.onion - Empire Market
  • 2mwvkqvuhapqp3op3ieqzwnxnw55c34pfgpy7dq2avj33u6imiqmtlid.onion - Samsung Store
  • 4p5n2nlu5md6ihulkhmtfuntswromnfwk2oqp2rke6k56mmv322bc3id.onion - Trinixy
  • 63jhzz5w3flwbcstmt6grrgmm2qembekcj4yugyyktlxnispcfw7guyd.onion - Team Premium
  • apple2dcve46str6ogmf4sqzppqgjwrqaadcljz3lq6n3egim33zqpid.onion - Apple Store
  • awsvrc7occzj2yeyqevyrw7ji5ejuyofhfomidhh5qnuxpvwsucno7id.onion - Apple 4 Bitcoin
  • bitstordaj3gl4rqgnrys55tf25nj63y5jgdzz7mur3g2grof2izxfad.onion - BitStore
  • bymhgfzneel2e4kpvot4zljegzwkkxyu6cbtqmbj3sbil432ycxxapyd.onion - Apple Shop
  • cardedsjztm6kkxlkdfxbiyx2mpnho2ze7ttvdybeoiuwwnmhzdqgqyd.onion - Carded Store
  • ejm5voiqttcs6o5jy7hl6gxid4o77opiwetaqtw7wtx4gfzp2wxew7id.onion - Trinixy
  • electrok6gmfgzklhpzsdum7c7xtupsmyvnwcy5v3ykt4xs65hrj76qd.onion - Electronion
  • ez37hmhem2gh3ixctfeaqn7kylal2vyjqsedkzhu4ebkcgikrigr5gid.onion - Mobile Store
  • mobileahe3clgukvknynfnkrlydeyjd7r4cpvgrvv7ezq5rolb4rgdad.onion - Mobile Store
  • oiswwblhcp7tv5pgdsm7thvnnltl4yxzf2wgg7guwi7jnyr37lw4uaad.onion - Apple Shop
  • olknlw3zybrtfonomv72prkx3zfjxq5vihpw7mzhmu5l3srtdw5btfqd.onion - Apple World
  • ossdenqc3rvy7i7ovcqyrc7pzvfkl2445fau6ney4rwt4lq6nqiujvyd.onion - Black Apple
  • storexuqpa5j44scdnem6n6etfqwnka4hvw4l3cv566dsldbfrit6eqd.onion - Samsung StoreX
  • torbuyjiwzgtnmieg62urzu3mfjzv35dt4ghpal3qkugzrq74urt45yd.onion - TorBuy
  • wn2qsnvvdvnzsx7x575vwonz7muo4csk25jzqwy5zgw4mvuxpqaz77id.onion - Apple Place
  • zuf7xa6ut5cbwxkmirslyb7g3wcrklkdukgvpyw37uqbo7igbvbkbnqd.onion - CLAY

If you have been scammed by someone, then just send us some proofs, and we will add that seller to our scam list. We don't put any seller in our legit list because of proofs of customers, because we have to check the seller by ourselves.

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